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In this phase we will gather all information pertaining to your product or services. We will work along side you to answer questions about your customer base and the overall image of your brand. If needed, Logo Design suggestions and company colors can be created to begin your branding foundation. The primary nature of your business will act as a guide to dictate what your marketing needs will be. All these aspects will be joined together to become the framework for your site.

1- Research

2- Construct Wire Frames

After gathering all pertinent information about your company, our design team will create wireframes. Wire frames are the basic outline of your site.(They act as a skeleton or sketch on which your site will be built.) These wireframes consist of text and symbols that serve to lay out where things will appear spatially on your site. They display where your navigation, any copy text, or photos will go. Any advertisements or limited offers will be implicated in the wireframes.

Once the wireframes have been approved, we can move on to the next phase of developing a working comp. The comp is a digital representation of the wireframes, complete with working  rollover buttons and menu items. It will show the flow of information and the core functioning of your site. Fill text , better known as dummy text, and stock photos will hold the spaces for actual text and imaging. Remember the comps' purpose is to show you the functionality of each item on your site. It serves to clarify the way things will work when your site is viewed. The comp can help you to understand the flow of information across your site, and will give you an idea of how each page interacts. At this stage you will begin to see what your viewers experience will be as they interact with your website. With your input added, and once the comp is approved, we can move to the last phase.

3- Conceptual Model

4- Site Finalization & Launch

The last phase is to finalize all design decisions concerning your site. The first three phases have set the groundwork , organized the flow , and created the overall feel of your site. Now it's time to put on the flesh and bones so to speak. A finalized HTML5 / CSS site will be created based on the approved comp. This site can be launched under the domain name of your company. We offer six months free hosting and one month free maintenance on sites with five or more pages. You can have your site hosted by us, or we can upload it to whatever hosting service you choose (Fee applies).

Web Design

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 We offer a variety of packages ranging from low cost to premium. We will customize our services to fit your needs as we walk you through the process of building an effective on-line presence.

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